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Big Rig Tire Blow-Outs

Truck Accident

When an 18-wheeler tire blows out, calamity is often the result. The operator loses control and, if any other vehicles are nearby, they may fall prey. Big rig accidents often involve multiple vehicles and serious injury or death. truck accident lawyer in West Palm Beach Jessica Mishali defends the rights of his 18-wheeler accident victim clients with vigor and diligence.

A Serious Problem

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that each year approximately 100,000 injury accidents involving 18-wheelers occur. As skilled as big rig drivers are, they can do little if a tire blows but fight to maintain control. A filled truck can weigh well over 50 tons, so this is no easy task. Trucks often jackknife or crash through center dividers into oncoming traffic. They also may topple over on their side. A motorist driving alongside can be crushed. Legal representatives like truck accident lawyer in West Palm Beach Jessica Mishali work with clients who have often terrible and permanent injuries caused by tire blow-out accidents.


Big rig drivers are often pushed to the limit of their endurance to meet tight delivery schedules. An operator may drive a hundred thousand miles per year. When speed is the priority, safety often takes a back seat. Thus, many big rigs are poorly maintained and are not inspected often enough. A worn tire may remain unnoticed, or even ignored. Couple this with the fact that these tires bear great weight and endure terrible heat from friction, there is little wonder they blow out as often as they do.

The cost of replacing these enormous tires is often a factor as well. Owners opt for recaps in many cases to keep costs down. These are inferior, and often contain hidden manufacturer defects.


When truck accident lawyer in West Palm Beach Jessica Mishali is presented with an 18-wheeler case, he must determine who is liable. This is not always easy. A blown tire can occur because of manufacturer defect. However, this defect may be difficult to trace or ascertain.

Drivers keep logs of mileage and maintenance, and obtaining a copy of this will be very important to developing a personal injury case. If the log shows that the big rig was not serviced regularly, or failed truck stop inspections, the driver or owner may be liable.

The actions of the driver are important in determining liability as well. For instance, a driver who is speeding when a tire blows is less likely to be able to gain control of the truck.

Call a Truck Accident Lawyer in West Palm Beach for Assistance

A big rig accident can leave a trail of devastation and injury. If you are injured in an 18-wheeler accident, truck accident lawyer in West Palm Beach Jessica Mishali may be able to help. Call for a consultation at (561) 833-2772.

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