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Tips to get Through Your Deposition

Personal Injury Attorney

Your deposition is the stage of your West Palm Beach Personal Injury Accidents case where you answer questions under oath pertaining to your injuries and what caused them. This is a crucial part of the process because what you say in your deposition is recorded and can be used against you later. Your West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyers will be there to object to bad questions from the defense, but you should still take the time to prepare and gather your thoughts about what to say.

The purpose of the deposition from the defense perspective is to size you up and determine how credible of a witness you are. If you seem to be evading questions and constantly turning to your West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyers for help, that will make you appear less credible which will reduce the value of your case. Here are some tips for your deposition about your West Palm Beach Personal Injury Accidents.

  • Pay close attention to the defense attorney’s wording of questions. Some questions may contain a binary such as “Was the weather dry or wet?” when the truth is it was somewhere in between. Your West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyers might object to a question phrased this way, but even if not, try to clarify a question if you think it is inaccurate.
  • Listen closely to the way the defense attorney paraphrases your answers or repeats them. If anything is even slightly different from the answers you gave, let your West Palm Beach personal injury Lawyers know.
  • If you are asked questions about distance, time, speed, measurements, or other quantifiable figures, do not take a guess. Most people cannot accurately guess these things based on their perception, and committing to a guess will just make things more difficult for you and your attorney because it will be recorded as an answer. Instead, say you don’t know exactly how long it was or how much time had passed.
  • If you don’t like a particular question because you don’t think it is relevant or appropriate, but your attorney has not objected, answer it anyway. Some questions may be unpleasant or frustrating to deal with, but the best strategy is to be completely honest.
  • Don’t interrupt the defense attorney with an answer. It’s possible your lawyer may want to object to the question or clarify something, so wait until the question is completed and you have time to think about your answer.

If you have questions about your personal injury lawsuit, call an experienced West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer. Call Jessica Mishali at (561) 833-2772.

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Jessica is so great at what she does. She is very dedicated and efficient. I don't know what I would've done with her. I highly recommend her for any service needed. - Starr
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