Juvenile Dependency

Juvenile dependency is when the state takes custody of your child or children after investigations indicate that the child or children are being mistreated, abused, neglected or abandoned by their parents. The Child Protective Services will request their counsel to file a petition with the court, requesting that the child become a dependent of the court. In such cases, the parents or caretakers of the child should seek competent legal counsel and representation. It is important to hire an attorney early in the process as these cases can lead to children being placed in foster care and/or your parental rights being terminated.

You have the right to representation and an aggressive attorney like Jessica Mishali can help you fight for your rights in court in a juvenile dependency case. We are dedicated to helping you understand the process and aggressively defending your rights. Jessica will work tirelessly to get your children home and back into your arms. Call Jessica today at (954) 865- 1910 and schedule an appointment for your free consultation.